Frequently Asked Questions:


Q. How can I request help?

A. Please click on the button "Application for benefits" and return the completed application to a board member or email it to ( ).


Q. Can you put your Tax ID number on the website?

A. No. We have decided not to include this number on our website to protect our organization from any scams, etc. Please contact us at ( if you need our tax ID number.


Q. Are we affiliated with the IAFF Local 1311?

A. No. We are a non-profit organization operating independent of the union and fire department to raise funds to help career firefighters, paramedics and emergency medical technicians in their time of need.


Q. Do retired members qualify?

A. Yes. All active and retired career members of the Baltimore County Fire Department and their immediate family members are eligible.


Q. Will volunteer fire service personnel be able to apply for benefits in the future? 

A. As we continue to garner support and resources from those outside of our circle of brotherhood, we have little choice but to carefully scrutinize who we can support and how much we can support them. There are over 1100 career personnel in the BCoFD and over 3000 volunteers. Currently, our resources simply do not allow us to extend our hand to that many  people. In the future, it is our hope and intent to include all members of the Baltimore County Fire Service - both career and volunteer members. Certainly, this is what T.R. would have wanted and we will continue to work hard to meet that goal. Until then, we hope you will help and support us in any way you can. 


Q. Who decides how the funding is allocated and how?

A. We currently have a board of five individuals. They will decide how the funds are used based on a case by case basis. In a case where a member is in need of help we will provide as much assistance as our resources allow. If additional funds are needed, then a fundraiser specifically for that individual could be set up. For example, a shift decides to organize an event to help a brother or sister who is battling a serious illness / injury. The individuals running the event can use the BCoFFF's non-profit status to obtain the necessary permits and solicit donations from individual and corporate donors (which would be tax deductible). Any deposited funds would be encumbered to that particular brother / sister.


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